Davey’s Story


Before I started my own Lifestyle Transformation plan I was 5 stone (70lbs) overweight, out of breath walking up stairs, I lacked confidence, was doing very little daily activity and I was clinically depressed. After 6 months I made my BREAKTHROUGH and now, my life is TRANSFORMED! I was searching for a more fulfilling lifestyle and when I realised I was achieving fulfilment daily I just had to pull everything together into one unique, holistic programme to share with others who may be in a similar situation.

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The Art of Excellent Nutrition and the Importance of Preparation!

My meals went from 4-5 takeaways a week, lots of fizzy drinks, crisps, chocolate and sweets to tasty meals focused around foods I enjoy eating. I stuck to my bespoke calorie requirements and incorporate foods I really looked forward to cooking. I would make more than I needed so I could be prepared for the following day and extinguish excuses and reach my goal of losing my fat and creating a more fulfilling lifestyle!

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Overcoming Personal Challenges and Reaching New Heights!

Although I have always been a fairly active person, I struggle to get the work-life balance right. In the past I would take on too much work and simply eat the stress away. I nwould then feel guilty about putting on weight and not exercising, leading to more eating and more stress! The circle was brutal and my wake up call came after doing this for 18 months and putting on 5 stone (70lbs) of fat! Now I am training daily, I spend my time learning, whether that is by reading or by listening to podcasts, and I feel so happy because I spend parts of my day being grateful for what I have and by affirming my positive beliefs. To say my life has flipped 180 degrees would be an understatement.


Regular Daily Activity – Making Memories!

As I have noted, I am now being active on a daily basis whether that is a structured workout or an adventure with my puppy Luna and my darling wife Laura. As most people find, I never had time for gruelling workouts but then I eliminated excuses and facilitated the incorporation of the daily activity our body requires, for both a mental and physical release. The changes were INCREDIBLE!

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The final part of my journey relates top the picture below. On the 5th of July 2017 I was diagnosed with ‘Situational Depression’. In a nut shell, this disorder can magnify the intensity of stressful life events. A variety of causing factors lead to this diagnosis including the amount of work I had taken on, my rapid weight gain, my limited exercise and the employment I was in, amongst others.

Common symptoms of situational depression include:
– sadness
– hopelessness
– lack of enjoyment in normal activities
– regular crying
– constant worrying or feeling anxious or stressed out
– sleeping difficulties
– disinterest in food
– trouble focusing
– trouble carrying out daily activities
– feeling overwhelmed
– avoiding social situations and interaction
– thoughts or attempts at suicide

However, a year later, on the 5th of July 2018, Luna, Laura and myself climbed and summited a mountain at 6am, after losing the 5 stone (70lbs) I had put on, and after starting First Step Group and doing something I love and I am so passionate about. BREAKING THROUGH has literally transformed my life and I promise it will change yours too!


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